Session Types

DLAC includes a variety of session types—more than many conferences! Knowing what to expect will help you get the most out of the conference.

Breakout sessions are scheduled for 80-minute blocks. The concurrent sessions, however, are quite different from each other.

  • Contributed talks are in 20-minute segments that are made up of 15 minutes (at most) of presentation time and 5 minutes (at least) of discussion. Four talks make up a session. In some cases all four talks were proposed together and are clearly linked to a common topic. In other cases DLAC organizers put individual talks together and the talks may not have as much of a common theme. The rooms will be arranged with classroom seating, which is the standard breakout room setup. The timing (15 minutes presentation followed by five minutes of discussion) is critical for two reasons:

    • This approach ensures that there is lots of discussion and sharing time.

    • The five-minute discussion period is also the moving time between sessions, if you choose to switch rooms.

  • Workshops use the entire 80 minute block to present a topic in more depth, usually with a hands-on approach. Most workshops are being held in the foothills rooms on the top floor of the hotel, a bit separate from the other presentation rooms.

  • Panel discussions and debates also use the entire 80 minute block and also are mostly in the foothills rooms.

  • Table talks are facilitated discussions that take place around a table. The presenter will not have slides but may have handouts. This discussions last 35 minutes to allow for five minutes of switching time.

  • PechaKucha talks are a specific type of presentation in which the speaker works with 20 slides auto-advancing every 20 seconds. We suggest that you try at least one!

  • Coffee talks are informal, morning sessions that can be scheduled ahead of time with the program committee, or created on the fly. Look for more information on these!

  • Posters are last on our list, but we are very excited for the two poster sessions. They will be held adjacent to the exhibit hall concurrent with the reception on Monday and Tuesday afternoons/evenings. While sipping drinks and munching on appetizers, you’ll be able to visit with both exhibitors and with the people who will be discussing their research, schools, and other ideas at their posters. Unlike in some other education conferences, the posters are not an after-thought….we think they are going to spur some of the best conversations at DLAC!

  • We will have two plenary sessions—our opening on Monday from 1:30 - 2:30pm and closing on Wednesday from 12:05-12:40pm.