Exhibitors and sponsors

We will be posting new information about exhibiting at DLAC2020, soon. Sponsor and Exhibitor prospectus and online exhibit space registration will be posted by the end of June. We are excited to share opportunities for sponsors at multiple sponsorship levels, and for exhibitors.

DLAC believes companies and non-profit organizations play a key role in supporting schools for the ultimate benefit of students. Few schools are implementing online, blended, or digital learning without the help of one or more outside organizations providing content or support for teaching, courses, professional learning, strategic guidance, quality assurance, and technology platforms through their products and services. Third party providers often play a key role in helping schools better understand best practices across the field.

Sponsorship. DLAC demonstrates its understanding of the importance of these third-party partnerships with a design and structure that supports sponsors, including:

  • A conference agenda with two major receptions combining poster sessions in the Exhibit Hall. No competing sessions are scheduled, and these events will generate conversations with exhibiting sponsors.

  • DLAC is using almost all of the hotel space, making it easy for sponsors to hold onsite events during the morning prior to the conference opening and in the evenings. DLAC specifically selected a hotel with many attractive spaces for events and meetings.

  • Extensive networking areas will be set up throughout the space so planned or spontaneous conversations can easily be conducted in convenient, comfortable, quiet areas.

  • Sponsors are welcomed as session presenters and participants. (See presentation opportunities for all sponsor levels on page 5.)

  • A variety of additional opportunities are available for sponsors, and ideas about other opportunities not yet considered are welcome.

Request immediate information on sponsorship by emailing DLAC@evergreenedgroup.com.

Exhibitors. The conference structure and Exhibit Hall are also designed to support attendee interaction with product and service providers, including:

  • A conference agenda with two major receptions combining poster sessions with drinks and appetizers in the Exhibit Hall. No competing sessions are scheduled, ensuring that most attendees will see these events in the Hall as the main focus of the conference during these periods.

  • A coffee break and lunch break during the main conference day (Tuesday) will draw attendees to the Hall during these additional times.

  • The Exhibit Hall is an attractive space for congregating, with high ceilings and appealing lighting.

  • DLAC is setting up extensive networking areas throughout the hotel to allow exhibitors to easily continue conversations with existing and potential clients in convenient, comfortable, areas.

Request immediate information on exhibiting by emailing DLAC@evergreenedgroup.com.