Conference agenda

The conference will begin at 1:30pm on April 1 and end at 12:30pm on April 3. We are also exploring optional sessions for targeted audiences the morning of April 1. Below is a list by day of session titles, speakers and organization.

We are developing the agenda with the assistance of the Program Advisory Board. Here's what you can expect:

  • A variety of session formats, including a combination of table talks, lightning talks, poster sessions, facilitated conversations, and other peer-learning opportunities.

  • Facilitated networking--meaning that we will provide times, places, and different facilitation levels to create the conversations that produce some of the most valuable connections at conferences.

  • Invited speakers (still mostly in small, participatory sessions) that are teaching in, or running, some of the most innovative digital learning schools and programs.

  • One plenary session: the conference opening featuring speakers with in-school experiences and lessons learned to share.

  • Some fun discussion locations given that we will be taking over almost the entire hotel. Some sessions or events may even take place on a tour boat under the bat bridge which is adjacent to the conference hotel